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What are Playspaces?

ArtemisGen Playspaces represent the embodiment of applying classroom concepts to the real world. Going beyond the traditional field trip model, Playspaces are not merely about taking a trip to observe, but rather making space to evolve, adapt, and play with ideas to develop solutions for the future. During the fall 2022 production of Huntsville is Liminal Space, ArtemisGen "played" in four spaces throughout Huntsville pertaining to the cosmos, environment, art, and food security.

Cosmos Playspace: WVB Planetarium

ArtemisGen visited the Von Braun Astronomical Society on October 15, 2022, observing the Huntsville night sky from Monte Sano Mountain. ArtemisGen used the first Playspace of the semester to recognize Huntsville's historical contribution to space and to envision the city's role in a space-faring future.

Environment Playspace: Huntsville Botanical Garden

On October 22, 2022, ArtemisGen traversed the vibrant and sculpture-rich landscapes of the Huntsville Botanical Garden to investigate how nature can serve as a liminal space. In the garden's cafe, ArtemisGen engaged in a fruitful and innovative strategic planning session.

Art Playspace: Liminal Space Cafe with Chris Wade

On November 2, 2022, ArtemisGen hosted a reception for the "Glimpses of a Liminal Space Age" collection by Chris Wade, a local Huntsville artist. Reception guests engaged in in-depth conversations with Wade about his past inspirations and future artistic endeavors centered on themes of past dreams and the natural world.

Food Security Playspace: Manna House Hydroponic Garden

ArtemisGen concluded its semester on December 2, 2022, by volunteering at the Manna House Hydroponic Garden, a 15,000-square-foot facility that donates fresh lettuce to the Huntsville community. In the city's only facility of its kind, students were able to experience the future of urban agriculture in their own backyard.

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